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NEWS 2021




APRIL 2022

Publication in Abeilles en liberté magazine N° avril 2022.
10 pages article + photo story about 'honey hunters' from Myanmar and India.



Site du chapiteau, Montier-en-Der

Martin is presenting an exhibition titled "Grindadrap" at the international photo festival in Montier-en-Der, France.
During the festival, Martin also participate in 'tables rondes' discussions and hold conference about the "North Atlantic region" (the Faroe islands, Iceland and Greenland).


Publication in Le Figaro Magazine (# 5 november, 2021), France.

Double page in the page section "arrêts sur images"


Publication in Science & Vie magazine (# 1248), France.
Photo story about the plant colonisation of the land and early ecosystems on
Surtsey island, in Iceland.

Publication in Terre Sauvage magazine (# 392), France.
Article + photo story about conservation and the environment along the Dordogne river.
Pictures taken in Dordogne, Lot & Correze departments, France.


This summer, I returned to the Faroe islands and began filming during 1 month on several islands. The documentary I am working on about the islands is named "De Grønne øer - natur & livsstil på Færøerne". This long term project, about documenting the nature and lifestyle in the Faroe islands, will result in a film documentary. I expect the film to be released in the spring 2023.
More news about this project to come !

Filming wildlife in the Faroe islands

MAY & JUNE 2021

Working on a long-term photo project about the GR10 and GR11 long distance trails :
Crossing the Pyrenees mountain range by feet - hiking from the Mediterranean Sea to the Atlantic Ocean, I will document those fantastic walks of 900 km in lenght, during several seasons, both in France and in Spain.
A book is expected to be published next year about this adventure !

Wild horses, Ariege, The Pyrenees

APRIL 2021

Publication in Politiken newspaper, Denmark.
Photo story about Litla Dimun island, Faroe islands.

Cover in 'Vi Rejser' section, Politiken


New book publication about Greenland out now !

Over the past 16 years I’ve travelled around Greenland, documententing the fantastic landscapes, its wildlife and lifestyle.
This book, in english language, has a format 21x15 cm with hardcover, including 108 photographs & illustrations.


New book publication about the Faroe islands out now !

This book, in french language, has a format 21x15 cm with hardcover, including 87 photographs & 2 illustrations. The book can be ordered by contacting me directly at email :






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