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Top left : On assignment in India, photographing 'honey hunters', Nagaland
Top right : On assignment in Spain, photographing the Ebro river, Catalonia
Above : Filming a documentary on Mykines island, Faroe islands



Martin N. Johansen is a danish free-lance photographer, cinematographer, writer, nature guide and adventurer.

He focus his work on photographing and filming themes relating to environmental and cultural issues - describing and portraying the natural world and peoples relations to nature.
Passionate about the outdoors since his childhood, Martin took a series of black & white photos of rural landscape in Denmark at age 11, with a Nikon FM, his first SLR camera.
He then began to develop pictures in his own darkroom and some years later, he published his first pictures and articles in outdoor magazines in Scandinavia.

Over the years, he has made many trips to the far corners of the world including Southern Europe, Atlantic islands, Scandinavia, Africa, South America, Asia, the Pacific, the Arctic and the Southern continent. He's usually working on self-assignments, but also on photographic assignments for American/European outdoor-lifestyle magazines, newspapers, private companies and NGO's. 
His work has been displayed in numerous exhibitions in Europe and has been widely published in international magazines, various books, newspapers, campaigns, wall calendars, posters and guide books.

He has published seven books of landscape & nature photography :

• Greenland (éditions Explorer Images, 2021)
• Îles Féroé - l’archipel aux oiseaux (éditions Explorer Images, 2020)
• Nature secrète en Pays Catalan (éditions Explorer Images, 2015)
• Atlantique Nord (éditions Cacimbo, 2009)
• Les Parcs Nationaux de France (éditions Solar/Geo, 2007)
• Histoire des Gorges du Verdon (éditions Edisud, 2001)
• L’Arbre familier en Provence (éditions Edisud, 2001)

His book 'Atlantique Nord' was recommended by La librairie Sauramps in France. 

His personal film project, about documenting the nature and lifestyle in the Faroe islands, will result in a film documentary in 2022. Today, Martin works on various other projects, connected to environmental issues.

Martin is generally available for photography assignments worldwide and for a wide variety of projects. He is also available to lead inspiring multimedia presentations in both Danish, French and English worldwide.

For any enquiries please contact

All images shown on this website are available as prints in various sizes and can be licensed for commercial and editorial usage.










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